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Adam De Witte's Website

Since I was very young, I have always enjoyed painting.  I first focused on realistic renderings of wildlife and used oil as my medium. I then moved on to imaginative scenery.  My pieces involved an exploration of my own inventions of plant life and creating different textures and colours for wildlife. Developing my own style involved a lot of introspection and thinking of different techniques to represent the scenery that I captured with a camera. Using mathematics is essential for my placement of shapes. Once I place shapes, I work on colouring and blending paint on the canvas. My work is always changing.  Every painting is done differently depending on the subject matter and its mood. Completing a college programme in Graphic Design helped me to learn what's out there and how to access it. Learning photography and illustration had an important effect on my development as an artist as I now use both to create fine art.

I finished Graphic Design with honours,won a Graphic Design Award of Merit and Favourite Artist at The Brushfire Artist's Fall Show.   

In the future, I would like to change my composition; possibly creating collages or abstract paintings with altered objects found in reality. I look forward to developing and altering my techniques for oil and acrylic paintings. I want to find original imagery through photography so I can capture the immediacy of the moment and later, in my studio, work on the shading that the light creates.